about us

DeCarlo Studio is a collaboration of talent and teamwork focused on a common goal: to produce professional, clean animation that solves visual and conceptual problems relating to the story line at hand.  We began our careers after The New Gumby Adventures stop filming in 1988 where Norm DeCarlo got his first experience in the art of film making and decided to pursue it as a career path.  A series of MTV interstitials then television commercials directed by Henry Selick put us on the map.  Under Henry’s leadership we delivered 52 Pillsbury Dough Boy spots and two Ritz Bits commercials through Colossal Pictures in San Francisco before Henry got his big break with the feature length animated classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Bonita quickly became the head of the puppet fabrication team and Norm lead the sculpture crew.  Bonita went on to James and the Giant Peach and then Monkeybone where she was given the title of Character Manager on both films.  Norm  went on to be the Art Director/Production Designer for the ABC Television Children’s Television Series Bump in the Night for two seasons plus a full length Christmas Special.


Norm DeCarlo is the Creative Director of DeCarlo Studio.  Norm is a full time instructor at The Academy of Art University here in San Francisco where he has been working since 2011.  Norm is a semi professional drummer in the San Francisco bay area where he works regularly playing mostly the blues these days.


Bonita DeCarlo who in addition to her responsibilities as Head of Production for DeCarlo

Studio also adds her creative skills to the art of puppet and prop design and fabrication.

Her many innovations and contributions to the technical aspects of puppet fabrication

are now thought of as standard practice throughout the industry.


Bonita is an instructor at the Academy of Art University where she teaches puppet

fabrication, set design and fabrication plys basic animation courses to new,

incoming students.