National advertising campaigns have relied on DeCarlo Studio’s array of services and solutions in solving visual problems since 1988.  We are some of the folks behind  classic films like Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Henry Selick’s  “James and the Giant Peach” as examples.  We have helped to make Ritz Crackers fly to a moon made of cheese and helped to make the Pillsbury Dough Boy come to life.


Located in San Francisco since 1988 we have serviced major film companies like the Walt Disney Animation Studio, PIXAR Animation Studios, Tim Burton Productions, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers.  We have proudly served major advertising agencies across the United States including Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, Leo Burnett, Young and Rubicam and many others.


Our most recent accomplishment is a 15 second spot done for Radio Shack through Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners.  On this job we oversaw the entire production from beginning to end.  Facility, puppets, props, scenery, personnel, insurance, and everything else that goes into a full service production.


While we specialize in stop motion techniques we are also available for all other animation work you’ll need.  Our animators are also skilled in programs like Maya, Flash and 3D Studio Max.  Let us bid on your next commercial.